Back in Nepal....Happy Times!

Linda here, I am ever so privileged to have a role with TUFA and have the support of my family to visit this amazing place on a regular basis.  Having arrived in Kathmandu yesterday I thought this visit I would share some of the experiences of my involvement with Umbrella and the joys and sometimes not so joys of visiting Nepal.  

After arriving and offloading my over weight luggage at a local guest house in Swoyambhu  it was first and foremost a visit to Fine Grains Bakery and see my dear friends Sanju & Uddhab.  After a delicious sandwich, orange cheesecake....yum! and coffee ( I am hoping to lose weight this trip) I then visited the Umbrella office to catch up with country director Caroline Scheffer and the amazing Nepali staff.  Lots of exciting plans ahead.....more on that  later!

My first experience with Umbrella was as a volunteer in Manaslu house one of the Childcare homes in KTM.  Walking out the office gate my attention is drawn to my Manaslu boys in school uniform dragging  their shoes along the road after a big day....perfect timing!  They have all grown taller over the winter and were very surprised to see me.  Lots of hugs and huge smiles as we walked home together to enjoy dal baht.....happy times.