Children of the kilns education program

Project Goals

  • children in 15 Nepali districts will have access to education and receive the services, support, and materials they need to succeed in school.

  • children up to the age of six will have access to age appropriate learning materials, trained teachers, and healthy food.


There are currently 32,000 children working in bonded labour in the 1294 brick kiln factories of Nepal. Many of these children work alongside their families continuing the generational bonded labour, often the only choice for minority groups who have limited access to education and come from many remote communities in Nepal.

70% of the families that currently work in the brick kiln factories of Nepal are marginalised Nepali's with the other 30% of workers originating from India. Working 16 to 17 hours, 6 days a week in dangerous conditions are some of the challenges these families and children contend with whilst living and working in the brick factories.


Education, protection, health & sanitation are some of the major issues children & their families face. Whilst not only exploited and abused they have no access to education, this being due to the seasonal operation of the brick kiln factories (which do not operate during the monsoon period of June to November). Many of the families return to their communities over monsoon with the children unable to reconnect with their schooling as they have fallen behind whilst working or have limited access to schools due to the proximity of their villages.

There are also the instances of unaccompanied children who leave their villages to work in the brick kilns. The significant threat to the wellbeing and rights of children who are brick making in Nepal is a major issue and one which is largely ignored by the general public and sadly unaddressed by current systems and regulations.


Global Fairness Initiative - Bridging School Program

The Umbrella Foundation Australia has partnered with The Global Fairness Initiative (GFI) who since 2014 have been working with five pilot kilns committed to eliminating child, bonded and forced labour and decent working conditions for all workers. GFI has now expanded to 40 partners who employ approximately 8,000 workers and produce 222 million bricks (around 3.5% of Nepal's total brick supply) each season. GFI work closely with kiln owners, labour brokers and workers to promote and ensure decent working conditions for all workers, including access to decent wages and a transparent payment system, healthy and safe living conditions and an education for children living in the kilns.


bridging schools how we can help!

There are currently 40 bridging schools operating in the GFI partnership kilns. Children under 16 are given the opportunity to attend school whilst their parents are working in the kiln factory. All the children are monitored by 24 field workers who record the children's school results, attendance and living conditions. Academic results are reported back to the government which allows the children to continue studies when they return to their communities during monsoon.

The Umbrella Foundation Australia have the opportunity to expand the Bridging School program with our children of the kilns education program $20 per month....$240 per year will take children out of bonded labour and give them a future. Sponsoring a child will cover the cost of teachers, books, a cooked meal and monitoring fees. Education is the only way we can break the generational cycle of bonded labour. Please consider being part of this program by filling our expression of interest form below!