The Umbrella Foundation Australia

The Umbrella Foundation Australia (TUFA) was established as a registered Australian charity in May, 2013.  Through fundraising, spreading awareness and hosting events we have the opportunity to make a difference to many lives. 

We may look like a big organisation from the outside, but on the inside we're just a small local Australian charity.  We are no multi-million dollar, multi-national organisation.  In fact we are the exact opposite....and we think that's a good thing!

There's no marketing machine, no flash TV ads, no celebrity spokesperson (unless you count Gavin).  Our board and members are all volunteers with the objective that 100% of your tax deductable donation goes to the designated project!  This has always been our goal and we are sticking with it!  

Our goals are to:

- provide education opportunities for trafficked & vulnerable children in Nepal;

- fund sustainable community projects for women and children with a focus on health, education and sustainability.

- establish a strong Australian support network;

With a very active and involved support base of friends, family, allies and volunteers, our Committee meets once a month to share ideas, update news from Nepal and discuss fundraising initiatives.

We are always happy to welcome new members keen to get involved and help out, our key activities include:
- spreading awareness and education ;
- sharing fundraising ideas;
- organising events;
- project planning and participation in Nepal

And above all enjoy what we do!

Our Board & Members

Linda Harwood - Chairperson & Co-Founder

Carolin Mackaway - Co-Founder & Member

Tracey Elliott - Secretary

Geraldine Allen - Board member

Gavin Vickers - Patron

Bridie Scott - Member

Lubica Vittekova - Member

Carolyn Scott - Member

Janet Piper - Member

Amelia Amos - Member

Louise Middlebrook - Member

Peter Swan - Member