About us

The Umbrella Foundation Australia (TUFA) was established in 2013 and is a registered Australian charity supporting trafficked & vulnerable children and their communities in Nepal.  Our board and committee members are volunteers with our goal being 100% of all donations go to the designated programs.

Our projects are researched and only the most vulnerable communities and those in need are supported.  We are very aware of the many charities operating who are not getting the financial support to the most needy communities and not utilising donors hard earned money to its full capacity. 

Shree Bhimsen Secondary School Project

Shree Bhimsen Secondary School is situated in Sindupalchowk, one of the worst affected districts in the 2015 earthquake. To date TUFA donors have contributed AU$35,000 and completed a 2 story rebuild on the school (we have one level to go).  The community have contributed 20% to the build as it is vital they have ownership of the project.  There is an opportunity to purchase a brick and be part of the acknowledge wall which will be established after the school is completed. For more details of this project click on: Buy a Learning Brick

Women of the Kilns Health & Hygiene Program

There are 1294 brick kiln factories in Nepal which employ the most vulnerable communities in bonded labour.  Our Kathmandu Day’s for Girls team are sewing washable menstruation kits which we are taking to the women working in these kilns.  The women do not have access to clean water, hygienic toilets, are illiterate and in most cases live in the most horrific conditions.  Our program educates and teaches the women about their bodies, caring for their children, gives self esteem and access to clean menstruation practices.   TUFA are the only organisation in Nepal who are supporting this program in the remote brick kiln factories! For further info click on: Women of the Kilns

Children of the Kiln Education Program

32,000 children are currently working in bonded labour in the brick kiln factories of Nepal.  Our Nepal partner Better Brick Nepal are giving education to these children.  There are currently 40 schools established out of the 1294 brick kiln factories taking the children out of labour and giving them a government regulated education.  This allows their parents to work and the brick factory a fair trade endorsement…..one these children can change the world!  It costs $100 per year to educate a child in the school if you would like to sponsor a child click on the following link: Children of the Kilns