The Next Chapter: 2009

Following on from the great work initiated by Viva and her husband Jacky Buk, who were responsible for the Umbrella vision for Umbrella’s first four years, an enthusiastic young Irish team took over the helm. All hailing from Dublin, Ireland, and in their mid-twenties, this competent new team consisted of Stephen Jenkinson, Conor Fox and Amy Mulcahy.

Each member of the team brought a different area of focus to the organisation and each contributed enormously to the continued work of Umbrella. A number of landmark projects were undertaken with an emphasis given to the reintegration of the Umbrella children back to their families where possible. The projects were brought about through great teamwork and a shared vision for the future of the children. These projects included:

  • ·  A Family Reintegration and Support Program

  • ·  The Rasuwa Reintegration Project

  • ·  The Child Protection and Development Program – with DeParaplu Holland

  • ·  Development of the Volunteer and Sponsorship Programs

The building up of the structures within the organisation to maintain its sustainability and the growth of the reintegration team to facilitate and monitor the great reintegration work that has been achieved during 2011 and 2012 to date.

With the aim of an improved management structure for Umbrella in mind, a qualified and competent team of Nepali staff was hired over the course of 2010 and 2011 to complement the International team. During 2011, Stephen, Conor and Amy all returned to Ireland after their time in Nepal and the Umbrella Nepal of 2012 is only possible that’s to the work and energy that these three people brought to the organisation and they continue to be very actively involved as member s of the Board of Directors in Ireland.