The Team: 2011 – 2012

In late 2011, a new international team was recruited, with Umbrella hiring a new Country Director (Shane Cogan) with a wealth of human rights and development experience, and Macartan Gaughan as the other Director for the International side. It was a busy year for Umbrella with the launch of 2 successful initiatives:

  • Volunteer Teaching Placements – as part of the Rural Education Support Program

  •  Umbrella Trekking – a non-profit company offering trekking and travel opportunities in Nepal     while providing Umbrella Youths with trekking experience and generating funds for The Umbrella Foundation.

  • It was also a big year in terms of Reintegration with 156 of Umbrella’s children successfully reintegrated to date.

The Team: 2012 – 2013

With Shane Cogan moving on in December 2012, Macartan Gaughan took up the position of Country Director. Eadaoin Close, a volunteer in 2011 with a background in teaching, stepped into the role of communcations director looking after all things sponsorship and volunteer related.

The Umbrella Foundation of today is testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved over the years, including our volunteers and supporters without whom nothing is possible.