What’s a Sponsor?

Sponsorship provides sustainable income to enable us offer support, education and security to the children in our care. The Umbrella Foundation relies almost entirely on the generosity of its friends from around the world. We spend over $100 per month on each child’s housing, education, food, healthcare, clothing and extra tuition. However, many remain unsponsored and, as a result, the pressure to meet our monthly bills is always a challenge. In becoming a sponsor, you are in effect helping all of our projects.

What can I expect as a sponsor?

Our sponsors make a real difference in the lives of the children you choose to support. To avoid jealousy or ill-feelings amongst them, you are described as their friends or big sisters/brothers from abroad. You receive
information packs about your sponsor child periodically with general updates, school reports, photos and
handwritten letters, and we encourage you to enjoy a cultural exchange with them by writing as often as you like. They cherish the letters they receive and the knowledge that someone in the world cares about them, and you get to see Umbrella’s work through their eyes and learn just how important your help is. For further information, please contact: sponsor@umbrellanepal.org

How do I become a sponsor?

It’s very easy – all you need to do is complete the Sponsorship Application form (see below). While it costs Umbrella over $100 per month to care for a child, we only ask you to send a minimum $40 per month by standing order or direct debit. This will enable us to plan our budgets and sustain the care of each child.

For further information:

Contact: Imogen Harper:  Imogen@umbrellanepal.org

Joye (Aus) and her son Manni were delighted to meet their sponsored child, Nishan, during their visit to Nepal

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Once your confirmation of your application has been received, we will contact you with an introduction to your new sponsored child, sponsorship correspondence guidelines and instructions on sending your donations.