Momo's at Manaslu

One of the culinary delights of Nepal is a feast of Momo’s.  Momo’s are a small dumpling which originate from Tibet and are filled with either buff, chicken or veges…not counting sweet momo’s.  They are served with a spicy tomato sauce and are either steamed or fried.

This afternoon was a special day at Manaslu house as one of the volunteers is leaving tomorrow and treated the children and staff to momo’s.  Sadly she was ill and missed out on the experience of watching very small thin boys compete to see if they could break the record of eating 60 in one sitting!

The assembling of momo’s is a serious and time consuming process and all hands were on deck to produce the average number of 1000. They were of  course delicious, I am ashamed to say my limit was 6!