Back in Kathmandu

Greetings from Kathmandu.  Linda here from Umbrella Aus.  I am  currently spending a few weeks  in Nepal contributing  time to our Women’s health project and generally catching up with the children, staff and of course my Nepali friends.

It’s been a busy time in Umbrella with the children completing their end of year exams.  Many of the Umbrella youth have achieved amazing results this year with quite a few coming 1st overall in their year.  This is a result of much study and commitment from the students, house parents and tutors.

Our two recent Aussie volunteers Hanneke and Tracey both from Melbourne finished up their programs in recent times.  I was privileged to meet up with Tracey and enjoyed her last evening with Umbrella.  Of course this entailed lots of red tikka paste splattered all over her face with much singing, dancing & momo’s….all in the dark due to a power cut.

Tracey also enjoyed a visit from her mum & dad, Bill & Nancy who become official grandparents over their short stay.  A huge thank you to both our volunteers who were amazing and much loved by the kids and Umbrella.