The Rotary Club of New Road Kathmandu

Sunday morning's in Kathmandu are an opportunity to attend the Rotary Club of New Road, Kathmandu meetings. The weekly meetings are held overlooking Durbar Square which was severely damaged in the earthquake...see photos.  Before the earthquake the club agreed to sponsor our Gatlang Women's Project as a RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service) project, which we hope to resurrect in the future.  Being a member of the Rotary Club of Greenhills-Maitland NSW I presented AU$1000 to the New Road Club which was a combined donation from Greenhills Rotary (Jolly Joker winner Amanda Pauley) and TUFA.  This money will go towards the clubs ongoing earthquake rebuilding work.  After the earthquake this very pro-active and inspiring group of people built 160 makeshift shelters as well as getting vital supplies to the needy.  Sadly they lost club members who were working on a project at the time of the quake with surviving club members having to be rescued.  We are hoping to participate in working with the club members on their various projects while on this visit.....Linda :)